Q: Do we need to book?

A: Unless you come with our packages, you can turn up anytime during our opening hours.

Q: What are the best days to visit the park?

A: Monday to Friday are the best days as we can be busy on the weekends.

Q: Is the park open today?

A: We’re open daily from 9am to 6pm. The park is only closed on Tuesdays.

Q: Where is Batam WakePark?

A: We’re located at Golden City Bengkong Laut – Batam, Indonesia. Behind 933 Golden Prawn Restaurant.

Q: What do we need to bring?

A: a towel and swimwear, lockers also available to hire in our bar.

Q: Any age restrictions on Cable Park?

A: Recommended to children 6 years old and above and can swim.

Q: Can we bring a picnic?

A: No, great food and drinks are available at our Café.

Q: Can I use my own board?

A: Yes, you can bring your own board. If you want to hit our obstacles, you will need to remove any removable fins. Please be aware that hitting obstacles may cause board damage for which Batam Wake Park is not liable. Boards with footstraps are unable to be used on any obstacles.

Q: Is it possible to rent a pro-board for obstacles?

A: The cable ticket include the standard boards, life jacket & helmet. You can also hire a park-board with the prices: IDR150K – all day and pro-board with the prices: IDR300K – all day.

Q: Can I use a kneeboard to go over the jump/obstacles?

A: No, kneeboards, skiis, standard wakeboards (anything with a bottom fin) are not allowed on the jumps/obstacles for safety reasons.

Q: Are there separate prices for children and senior citizens?

A: No, all prices are the same. However, entry to the park is FREE, so don’t have to pay to come watch your children play.

Q: Do you have a place to store our gear?

A: Yes, we provide free overnight storage for wakeboard equipment for our international guests.

Q: I would like to know about the water. Firstly, if it is clean and secondly, is it lake water or sea water?

A: Water is pump up from the sea, the water is salty. The lake is sealed from the ocean and each quarter we monitor the water quality and send samples to a Government testing Lab.

Q: Can I book the whole park privately?

A: Yes you can book the park for an event, just need to send an email to [email protected]