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The Indonesia.Travel website uses cookies for a few reasons, such as to track your vacation preference (destinations and itineraries) in Indonesia, so we can give you the best experience and provide more suitable suggestions for your trip.

Listed below are the type of cookies that we use to deliver a better experience for you in our website:

1.      Essential Cookies

This type of cookies are essential for the performance of Indonesia.Travel website and therefore cannot be disabled. These cookies do not remember where you have been on the internet. These cookies are not collecting any of your information that can be used for future marketing.

2.      Website Analytics Cookies

These cookies collected information that are strictly for our own internal use. The information are used to measure, analyze and observe how you use our website. These type of cookies, let us know how we can improve your browsing journey and experience in Indonesia.Travel website.

3.      Customer Preferences Cookies

Whenever you visit Indonesia.Travel and maybe select your preferences of language, destination and itineraries, this type of cookies will remember you. So the next time you come back and visit our website, the journey will become more personal for you.

4.      Third Party Cookies

Indonesia.Travel website embedded some third party features to enhance your browsing experience. Videos, maps and social media application programming interface may present cookies from each of their providers. These cookies are controlled and owned by those third parties, thus releasing Indonesia.Travel website from any responsibility. You may explore each cookies policy that the third party made as part of their privacy policy statements. For full list of our cookies, you can click here

Banners & Notifications Cookies

The following banners and notifications are placed on our website to inform users of actions surrounding our privacy and cookie policy online.

1.       Informational Banner

This banner informs users about updated changes to our privacy notes and cookie policy. By selecting “I Agree” or not clicking on this banner, you agree to our site’s cookie and privacy policies. We encourage you to review our policies on this page.

2.       Opt-In Banner

This banner informs users  about updated changes to our privacy and cookie policies. If you would prefer that we do not collect information that may be used to help in determining which advertisements to serve you, please select “Decline” from this banner.  By selecting “I accept”, you agree to our Website’s cookie and privacy policies. We encourage you to review our privacy policies on this page.

3.       Contact subscribe form notification box

We have implemented subscription boxes on the bottom of our home page. By entering your data, you have agree to receive other communications from Indonesia.Travel, you consent to us contacting you about our products and services, as well as other content that may be of interest to you. By entering your data, you consent to us storing your personal data from our submission form on Indonesia.Travel

How to Manage or Opt Out of Cookies

By browsing in our website, you have agreed to use our cookies listed above. You can also control the use of cookies, by modifying the cookies settings in your browser. Please note that by deleting or disabling the cookies, you may no longer access a certain area featured in Indonesia.Travel website. When you click on external links, also note that those external website will have their own set of policy that you may want to read through before browsing further.


By accepting the cookies, every users are agreed to share the cookies information to the partners of Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for personalizing contents and promotions, as well as optimize social media features and to analyze the traffic of Indonesia.Travel