9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta


Jakarta’s lights will guide you along your whole trip because it only sleeps in the break of day and under the city lights, there are plenty of things you can do in the city, to a point where it is hard to figure out where to start first. Well, the good news is, we have listed some of the best ideas of what you should do during your trip to Jakarta!

Enjoy a Fun City Tour by Hopping into a Free Trip on Jakarta’s Iconic Double-Decker Bus

9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta
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Choose the city trip of your dreams for free! Do you want to dive in deep into the history of Jakarta or would do you want to explore the shopping, art and culinary route?

No worries, you can hop on Jakarta’s iconic double-decker bus the bus at any point in the routes that it passes by at. On Mondays to Saturdays, you can catch The History of Jakarta bus between 09.00 a.m to 05.00 p.m. This will take you to an unforgettable trip around the best historical places in Jakarta like the national museum, the national monument, Old Batavia, Glodok Chinatown and finally the Istiqlal Mosque. On Sundays you can catch the bus from noon to 08.00 p.m.

Interested in the Art and Culinary route? Well, prepare to clear up your schedules at the end of the week because this unique bus trip only operates on Saturday at 05.00 pm to 11.00 pm while it operates operating at noon to 08.00 pm on Sundays.

If you only want to take only the culinary tour specifically, you can do it on Saturdays between 05 .00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. The Shopping Route is available on Sunday from around noon to 08.00 p.m.


Enjoy a Budget Shopping Spree, Visit Jakarta’s Very Own Mangga Dua or Pasar Baru!

9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta
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Who doesn’t like a good shopping spree, especially if you can get the best things for a decent price? Catching a glimpse of Jakarta and its sparkling metropolitan life you might think it’s impossible to not gasp at the exclusive price tags. This is where you’re wrong, Jakarta has hidden gems tucked within that’s gonna going take you to a on a budget shopping spree!     

One of the most popular ones is the International Trade Center (ITC) Mangga Dua. It is a favorite among the Jakartans themselves but also claimed as shopping heaven from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand tourists. You can find anything here, from baby outfits, winter clothes, perfumes and even bulks of wedding souvenirs. Visit ITC at Mangga Dua, open from 09.00 a.m to 06.00 p.m.

Another heaven for a shopping galore is Pasar Baru, or the New Market. Having Built in 1820, Pasar Baru is one of the oldest shopping centers in the city. Pasar Baru Street is open only for pedestrians and is lined with a plethora of shops, restaurants and shopping centers. Most of the things you can find here are fashion items, cosmetics and photographic products.


Martabak? Kerak Telor? Prepare your Tastebuds for Jakarta’s Finest Street Food

Jakarta is not Jakarta if it is filled with mouthwatering street food awaiting you. Be careful though, future cravings towards these tantalizing street foods might be a side effect!

9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta

The martabak is one of the tourist favorite foods to taste. Sweet or savories, choose your favorite types of Martabak! What is this martabak actually? Well the savory martabak is a deep fried “omelet” that has a crispy texture on the outside and with a vegetable or beef filling. While the sweet Martabak is like pancake filled with chocolate or cheese.

9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta

The Kerak Telor is a traditional Betawi traditional dish of a crispy omelette made from eggs and glutinous rice, cooked on charcoal. You can also taste others like the Gado-gado, siomay or the gorengan!


Complete Your Crave of Shopping in Jakarta’s Luxurious Malls

A holiday will only be a real one if you at least have one shopping spree planned. Lucky for you, a trip to Jakarta means you will never run out of ideas on where to shop, there are plenty! One of the most popular malls you can visit is Grand Indonesia, a high-end mall located in the heart of Jakarta and that will pamper your every need. You can find all International brands here like Dorothy Perkins, H&M, Pull&Bear and many more!

9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta
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Mal Taman Anggrek is also a great choice with its 500 shops spread throughout all seven levels of the building. As the largest shopping mall in Indonesia, you will be able to look around for things like fashion, accessories, sporting apparel and even children’s toys. Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall, Gandaria City and Pacific Place mall are also notable places for shopping.

Seek the Theme Park Thrills at Ancol Dreamland

How about an adventure to pump your adrenaline? Well, Jakarta’s very own Ancol Dreamland might be your perfect next stop! The theme park Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World) or better known as Dufan, is one of the dreamland’s main attractions. Complete with over 40 rides and attractions, it is considered as Jakarta’s largest recreation park. Challenge yourself with the extreme rides like the Halilintar roller coaster or the tornado.

9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta

Among the attractions, there’s also the SeaWorld, which opened in 1996 and was the largest oceanarium in Southeast Asia at the time. Say hi to your friendly underwater critter friends while you walk along the main pool, the Antasena tunnel, the alligator pool and also the shark pools.

You can also visit the Atlantis Water Adventure for a trip to the atlantis-themed water park! There’s even a wave pool, continuous flowing river pool, rainbow ball pool, waterfall pool and many water slides!

Collect Special Souvenirs to Always Remember Jakarta

Bring a part of Jakarta back home with you with the souvenirs you can buy in these popular souvenir shops. Explore Jalan Surabaya in Menteng, which is famous for its flea market, where you can find unique and vintage things, even an antique German-made gramophone or a ship anchor from World War II. Be prepared to drive a good bargain, though!

9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta

You can also find Jakarta souvenirs from the UKM Gallery Smesco. Bring home local cloth, handicrafts and snacks with the best quality and the best prices. If you want to bring home a more artsy souvenir, Tulisan is the best destination for you! It’s a store that sells artist-illustrated items like coin purses, bags and passport envelopes. Don’t forget to visit Pasar Seni Ancol to find paintings, carvings, self-silhouette fit for the artsy.

Jakarta, the Sea of City Lights

You would wonder if Jakartans ever sleep even a wink because if they’re not busy hustling around trying to get things done in the day time, at night they party it out. Chill with friends in the many magnificent bars and nightclubs that Jakarta can offer.

9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta
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Blowfish is considered to be one of the pioneers of nightlife in Jakarta and sets a high bar of quality entertainment for nightlife. Prepare for a bombastic experience in enjoying EDM and hitting the dance floor together with your best friends. Another place you would love to try out is Dragonfly, a top nightlife entertainment destination for all. How can it not, with its stellar lighting effect and advanced sound system? There are many other notable places you should try keeping an eye on for a pleasant night to forget your work and all your worries.

Check out the New Jakarta MRT!  

The public has been in excitement since the first trial run of the MRT in Jakarta. It is the perfect transportations for those who travel from one side of Jakarta to the other. In fact, going from Lebak Bulus in the farthest part of South Jakarta to the heart of Jakarta in Bundaran HI only takes 30 minutes!


9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta

There are currently 13 stations operating on Phase I and construction is continued with 8 more stations in phase II. It is a fresh new way to see Jakarta’s Skyline through a whole different point of view.

Catch Snow in the Tropics at Trans Snow World

Snow in a tropical climate of Indonesia is impossible? Well, that’s where Trans Snow World will tell you that you’re wrong. This snow world is located on the third floor of Trans Studio Park Juanda in Bekasi.

9 Best Ways You can Enjoy Jakarta
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With only 200.000 rupiah for the entrance fee, here you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding or boarding the sky lift. You can even play snowball fights with friends or make a snow angels. You don't have to travel far to witness and experience snow.

With the many things you can do, from a luxurious shop-til-you-drop experience to enjoy snow in the middle of one of the most tropical countries, a trip to Jakarta certainly sounds like the perfect stop for your next holiday destination. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let these trip ideas stay as ideas. Make them into reality and book a trip to Jakarta right now!

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