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5 Stunning Spots in Morotai You Have to Check Out


Are you looking to explore a lesser-known island in Indonesia? Set your sights on the island of Morotai! Morotai Island is the pearl of the northeastern corner of Indonesia. Located in the Halmahera archipelago, Northern Maluku, the underrated tropical haven has not yet been explored by many tourists, even though the place is rife with natural wonders that surely will make its visitors stand in awe. To reach Morotai Island, all you have to do is take a ferry or fly from Ternate or Manado city. Unfamiliar with the best tourist attractions on the island? Relax! We have brought you a list of five amazing spots in Morotai Island that you should save into your bucket list for future travel. Just check out these five fantastic places and take note!

1. Dodola island

a little log on Dodola Island

If you find the idea of wandering around gorgeous beaches lovely, then you should visit Dodola Island in the southwest of Morotai Island. The moment your barefoot touches the velvet-like sand of the pristine beach, you definitely won’t regret the trip! Other than having impeccable features, the flawless open white sandbank also provides a chance for you to capture the magnificent panorama of Maluku seascapes, skies, as well as palm trees. Better yet, witness the beauty of the island further by snorkeling or diving around its waters. If you’re not down with all of these activities, just lay down on the shores and ease your mind by enjoying one of the best views Morotai island has to offer. To get to Dodola island, it is advised for you to take a speedboat from the capital village of Morotai Island, Daruba, which is located about 3,5km to the northwest of Pitu Airport.

2. Gorango beach

the bay of Gorango Beach

Located in the northeast of Morotai Island, the stunning Gorango beach is a bay squeezed between the greenish blue-hued ocean and lush tropical jungle. Take a walk around the bay with the sound of the tides and palm trees blown by the breeze hushing in the background. Stick to the left side of the bay and you’ll encounter jaw-dropping rocky terrains perfect to be used as a background for all kinds of photoshoots. The bay is situated about 63 km from Daruba village. If you want to reach the bay, it might be best for you to take a car because during the dry season, the road can get a little bit dusty. Although the journey may take a long time, we can assure you the magnificent view of Gorango Beach scenery will absolutely make up for it.

3. Kokoya island

the waters of Kokoya Island

This little slice of paradise is located between Dodola Island and Pandanga village on the northwestern edge of Morotai Island. Kokoya Island offers pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush greeneries, all of which are enough to take your breath away. You can also snorkel or dive around the tiny island and enjoy the alluring sight of vast coral reefs. And if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of various types of fascinating sea creatures such as dugong, a chubby sea mammal native to the shallow coastal waters of the eastern region of Indonesia. The best way to reach Kokoya Island is by taking a speedboat from Daruba village so you can get there as fast as possible.

4. Tabailenge island

Another breathtaking spot in Morotai you should check out is Tabailenge Island. The island can be found in the northeastern part of Morotai Island to the south of Gorango Beach near Bere Bere village. The pale sands around the island will definitely make you beg to stay there for a longer time, while the surrounding waters are super clean, making the island an excellent spot for diving. What’s more, the waters are filled with a wide variety of spectacular soft corals. Choose one of the many diving spots available and relish in the exotic underwater around Tabailenge Island. Getting to the island is pretty easy. All you have to do is take the local’s boat from Bere Bere village and sail only for a few kilometers.

5. Rorasa beach

Last but not least, another gorgeous place you must visit while traveling to Morotai Island is Rorasa Beach. Rorasa Beach is a small piece of heaven located in Buho Buho village. The main appeal of this beach comes from the beautiful landscape around the place, which gives off a sense of tranquility. The tranquil atmosphere around Rorasa beach allows you to unwind and blow your stress away. Reaching the placid beach is fairly easy, you only have to drive about 38 km from Daruba village to the east of Morotai Island.

Have you chosen which place you’re going to visit? Put these hidden gems into your bucket list, and enjoy some of the most astonishing tropical landscapes in eastern Indonesia! Feel free to further check out other amazing spots around Maluku and Papua. Explore the incredible twin island of Ternate and Tidore or see pelicans on the shore of Ngurtafur Beach! As always, try your best to comply with the existing health protocols, such as wearing your mask in public spaces, keeping your distance from others, washing your hands regularly, avoiding crowded places, and minimizing your mobility.